JV Boys Roster

2016-2017 JV Boys Roster

Number Name Height Year
#1 Jaelin Mathews 5’8″ SO
#4 Trey Smith 5’6″ SO
#5 Tyrone Seales 5’11” JR
#10 Donte Henry 5’10” SO
#11 Michael Bullard 6’1″ SO
#15 Joe Theddros 6’0″ SO
#21 Nick Sampson 5’9″ JR
#23 Chike Ezigbo 6’0″ SO
#24 Nduka Ogwu 6’4″ SO
#25 Thomas Gray 6’2″ JR
#40 Alan Encarnacion 6’3″ SO

Coach: Jeff Glass

Manager: Norgoi Jallow

Film Coordinator: K’hari Morrison

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